Lee Paton

About Lee Paton

Lee Paton is a digital marketing consultant with 16 years’ experience across Digital Strategy, Website Development and Solutions, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) , Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Strategy and Email Marketing.

About Lee Paton

Having experience working at a digital marketing agency and as part of in-house marketing teams for large corporations and organisations, Lee Paton has helped countless small and large businesses build their online presence and digital marketing strategies.

Lee is passionate about working with his clients to build strategic digital marketing plans that can deliver real business growth and ongoing ROI.  He believes there is no one size fits all approach to digital marketing and gives his clients the expertise of a large digital marketing agency, but with a one on one focus.

Lee’s experience spans across a range of industries including tourism and travel, sports, gaming, events, music, entertainment, not-for-profit, government and private industries.

How Did I Get Here

I have always had a very keen interest in all things digital and my journey began when I started building my own music and sport-themed websites on Geocities (remember those?!) and Yahoo in the mid-to-late 90s, when I was a just a kid. Wrangling frames, installing hit counters, and embedding midi music themes were my specialty at the time and I’m sure some of those websites still remain “under construction”.

My very next taste for digital marketing was at the ripe age of 18 when my career as a rock star didn’t quite work out, so I started creating digital campaigns for bands and small businesses.

This was before digital was what it is today, and the result is that I’ve seen first hand the progression of the digital online space and the changes this has meant for businesses.

Fast forward a few years and I eventually went to work for a digital agency and was able to work on and manage major campaigns for Tourism and Events Queensland, Flight Centre, Escape Travel, Student Flights, Travel Associates, Harvey Norman, Credit Union Australia, Mater Lotteries & Wine Selectors.

In 2011 I packed my bags and travelled the world, working freelance for a number of tech and social media start-ups. When I returned home to Brisbane I joined the team at Brisbane Marketing and went to work on campaigns and events including 2014 G20 Leaders’ Summit, Brisbane Global Cafe and I was a key team member in the development of the Brisbane Marketing and Visit Brisbane websites.

Over the last few years I’ve worked across a number of different companies and organisations in the role of Digital Marketing Specialist as part of in-house marketing teams working with them on how to be more agile, innovative and effective when planning and executing digital marketing strategies and campaigns. Most recently I was a key team member in the development of the RSL Queensland website.

In 2019 I decided to start my own digital consulting business so that I can help businesses of all different sizes and across a range of industries develop effective digital marketing campaigns and strategies.


The Collective

 We are a collective of marketers and creatives who live and breathe marketing.  We are passionate about building the right foundations for your business and delivering innovative and effective marketing solutions.


Sato Howard

Sato Howard

Digital / Marketing Strategy

An experienced and innovative marketer across digital and traditional marketing.

Learn more about Sato

An experienced and innovative marketer across digital and traditional marketing, he brings 17 years of delivering and implementing world-class marketing initiatives across a broad range of industries including travel and tourism, retail, not- for-profit, education, finance and healthcare. He has managed award-winning global marketing campaigns and brands and possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge of marketing strategy across all channels to deliver exceptional results for clients and brands.

Tahlia Edwards

Tahlia Edwards

Content Marketing

An expert in producing effective blog posts, web content, and marketing copy.

Learn more about Tahlia

Tahlia is an avid copywriter and marketer who has experience working agency side and as part of in-house marketing teams. As a copywriter, Tahlia is able to produce effective blog posts, web content, and marketing copy to help clients engage their customers and tell their brand story. Using tone and language, she is able to speak to a range of audiences, tailoring her approach to suit each individual client. When Tahlia’s not busy producing content, you’ll find her championing small local businesses, sipping margaritas, and trying to keep her veggie garden alive.

Sean Rankin

Sean Rankin

Content Creator

Account Management and Digital Marketing/Media Solutions expert.

Learn more about Sean

Sean grew up in a quiet scenic section of Seattle, Washington. After finishing a Business Degree at University of Washington he embarked on the first of many interesting career pathways. This included work for an Internet Startup (in the role of Business Development), followed by IT Project Manager positions within the Contact Center environment and a massive HR Software Implementation project for King County, Washington that impacted 100k Users.

This was followed by a stint working in Business Development for a Biotech before making a decision to move to Brisbane, Australia in 2007. Initially, he worked for the Queensland Government in an ICT Capacity before moving onto an IT Services consulting group (iCorp). Having relocated again in 2015 to Sydney he has continued to harness his skills in Business Development, Account Management and Consulting in the areas of ICT Services and Digital Marketing/Media Solutions

Our Values

We believe that digital marketing campaigns should be agile, strategic, and effective.

Digital Strategy

We can help develop and execute an effective digital marketing strategy that combines the right digital channels to engage customers and convert sales. We’ll help build a strategy that’s agile, data-driven, and optimised for your business needs. 


  •   Digital marketing best practice consultation
  •   Digital marketing audit
  •   Content marketing strategy
  •   Full end-to-end digital campaign management
  •   Implementation of reporting frameworks (Google Analytics)
  • B2B & B2C focus

Commonly known as Google Ads or Adwords, the Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing channel is the digital answer to traditional advertising. It’s the easiest way to get your website to the top of Google and in front of customers searching for relevant keywords. PPC allows you to control your budget and effectively track ROI.


  •   Keyword strategy
  •   Competitor analysis
  •   Bidding and budget strategy
Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective digital marketing channels that businesses can utilise.  By building and segmenting your email database, planning an effective email content strategy, and tailoring your content to your customers, email marketing can help you boost your customer loyalty and win return business.


  •   Content strategy
  •   Database acquisition
  •   Marketing automation
  •   Design and coding of emails
  •   A/B testing
  •   Deliverability (making sure your emails reach the Inbox and not the Junk folder)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that your business’ website is organically ranking high on Google and other search engines.  An effective SEO strategy will combine website design, quality content, keyword strategy and link building so you can better understand what your customers are searching for and how to drive more visitors to your website.


  •   Competitor analysis
  •   Keyword strategy
  •   Website content updates
  •   SEO monitoring
Website Development

An engaging and user-friendly website is a key element in the success of any digital marketing campaign. From the look and feel and overall design of your website, to the user experience and content layout, we can help you build an effective website that tells your brand story and drives engagement.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful digital marketing channel that can help increase your audience reach and drive direct visitation to your website. We can help you understand which social platforms are right for your business, and ensure you’re harnessing the power of social media with engaging content plans and targeted social advertising campaigns.


  •   Content strategy
  •   Content production and scheduling
  •   Social monitoring
  •   Social ad campaigns
  •   Social reporting
Graphic Design & Copywriting

Graphic design and copywriting is key to ensuring your digital marketing content is effective and engaging. Available across all marketing campaigns including email, SEO, PPC, and social media.

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