How a PPC Campaign within a digital strategy can increase organic searches.

I have heard it repeated time and time again, that the key to increasing your organic search ranking includes some form of paid search campaign. This is not precisely true, but it is not exactly false either. Whilst you can not give Google money to increase the organic search results of your website, having a broader digital strategy in place enables one very significant element -leverage. With every PPC campaign, there is an opportunity to leverage the results to increase your organic ranking (SERP). So how do we do this?

There are three main ways to leverage paid Google Ads to increase your overall SERP and to get more clicks and conversions on your website;

  1. Make sure your website is well setup
  2. Leverage your brand
  3. Ensure your on-page SEO reflects to your Google Ads

Let us take a closer look at each of these and how it will interact with your Google Ads to help optimise your organic search position and increase visitors to your website.


Make sure your website is well setup

At Lee Paton Digital, when we do an SEO audit, we take into account the setup of your website. Believe it or not, the very structure of your website will influence the organic ranking of your website on Google. A well designed and structured website that is easy to navigate, that users stay on for more than its competitors (i.e. has a lower bounce rate), and has relevant information for the target audience will begin to rank higher than a site that is less well arranged.

Your website also needs to be technically well designed. Pages need to load quickly; sitemaps need to be up to date and submitted, and the server should be fast. When it comes to SEO, it is the culmination of many smaller elements that make a big difference.

A well-organised website means that your customers and potential customers can navigate your site effectively and can complete sales or make contact with you without difficulty. Google notices website organisation (otherwise known as UX), and as more people visit and successfully use your site, the higher your more organic search results your website gets. Paid Google Ads turbocharge this process; by sending more traffic to your website, Google algorithms then notice the site more, therefore jumping it up the search rankings.

There’s a further part to this cycle to be aware of; as more people visit your site by clicking through from Google, the site is indexed higher up the search results. The greater the click-through rate (CTR), the higher the SERP.


Leverage your brand

Depending on the competition in your industry, a great way to increase your organic search results is to leverage your brand with a co-ordinated campaign. PPC combined with Social Media advertising increases the community’s awareness of your brand and, assuming you have a great product or service, leads to more organic searches of your brand. And what happens when more people search for your brand and then click through to your website? You guessed it, your organic search position increases. #winning


Ensure your on-page SEO reflects to your Google Ads

Excuse me for going all technical on you for just a moment, but this part is essential. Your on-page SEO, namely your website meta tags, need to have an excellent synergy with your paid Google Ads. When your meta tags and Google Ad copy reflect each other, your brand is creating confidence in your product or service. Consumer behaviour experts have shown that if these two elements are similar, there is more likelihood of potential customers clicking through from both your ads and your organic search results.

For example, a potential customer is looking for some new bedsheets. She wants organic cotton, Australian made bed sheets and therefore Googles something similar to this on her laptop. Your PPC Google Ad appears at the top of her search, and she clicks through to your site and has a browse around. She really likes your product, but the kids are fighting over the remote control, so she decides to take them to the park. Once at the park, our potential customer sits on the bench to watch the kids and pulls out her iPhone to continue looking for bed sheets. She recalls your brand name and does a direct search on it. Your brand comes up in her search results as both a Google Ad and as an organic search result and the messaging across the ad copy and the meta tags is consistent. She is filled with confidence in your brand, clicks on your website and heads straight to the product page and purchases herself some lovely new bedsheets. Huzzah! A purchase.

Whilst this may seem like a long-winded example, there is a delicate dance between paid PPC ads and SEO at work here. The two work together not just to increase organic search results but also to increase customer confidence in your brand and increase the likelihood of purchase.


There is no way you can “pay” to increase your search engine ranking, if only it were that simple. However, there are ways that you can leverage your PPC campaign to make a far more significant impact on your bottom line by considering other aspects of SEO. Need I say it? This is why you need an expert on your team. As marketing consultants, we often see people who have wasted money on Google Ads that could have been far more effective at not just selling their product but building their brand. Get in touch with the team at Lee Paton Digital for a free initial consultation to discuss how a digital marketing strategy can do far more for your business than just a few PPC ads on Google.