With the end of the year upon us in just over three months I’m noticing a trend in a number of tech circles. That’s making bold predictions on what will be hot and popular in 2021. Well we here at Digital Fixation like to be on the cutting edge too. So we would be remiss if we didn’t also provide our own list of the latest, greatest and most “trendy” of trends in the world of Digital.

I wanted to focus this piece on the world of Digital Marketing and provide a snapshot into the areas that I see making the most impact in 2021. 

Voice Search

I guess the name itself is quite self explanatory? It’s defined as allowing a user to use a voice command to search the Net, a website or an app. Sounds pretty efficient and something that certainly saves a bit of time. Despite my general prowess in traditional searching methods I can certainly sign on for increased adoption of this service. 

Visual Search

This uses artificial intelligence technology to assist people to search through real world imagery instead of using text. The Google Lens app is a good example of this. Have any of our readers tried this? What was your assessment?

No Click Search

These are defined as searches where the User is happy with the results of the query without actually having to click on a link. I recall a recent article illustrating how this type of search was impacting many a SEO strategy. And naturally Google is on to it. Google doesn’t miss many opportunities

Shoppable Posts

How many of you use Instagram? I must confess I’ve been an advocate of the platform for the last few years. Such amazing scenery and the occasional opportunity to collaborate. Well Shoppable posts are a staple of life on Instagram. Shoppable posts are an integrated feature that allows you to tag and shop directly from organic Instagram posts. I know many that engage in this to sell their products and services. I’m thinking maybe I’ll link Digital Fixation into my next Instagram post? Just a thought.

Social media messaging apps

WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and a plethora of other options. I’m a bit past the Snapchat demographic but I do utilise WhatsApp a fair bit. Not just for pleasure but also work related discussions. Some of the other important players in this market include Telegram (used for international “romances”), Skype ( been around for ages), We Chat and Line. Of those I mentioned I know if certain parts of the world such as Latin America you “Whats App”, they really don’t text. What about our loyal audience at Digital Fixation which social media messaging app do you prefer? And do you use it for pleasure and professional opportunities?

Social media contests

Have any of you entered a social media contest? First off they are a great way to generate brand awareness, grow your following and increase your email list. There’s a number of social media contest tools available. Such as Shortstack, Wishpond, Vyper and Gleam. Perhaps in a future article I’ll provide a detailed review of each and let you guys decide what works best for you. 

Video Marketing

Via LinkedIn invites and proposals, I can attest to the number of entrepreneurs and optimistic sales types offering their wares in the world of video marketing. In fact I’ve receive at least three to five per week. And given the C-19 impact on all things business and social it’s likely anything with a video component will continue to be quite popular. Up to 72% businesses say that videos have increased their conversion rate, and it’s been predicted within two years video traffic will make up to 82% of all web based traffic.

AI Chatbots

“Hello How are you” says the Chatbot. They seem to be appearing everywhere these days. Although to be clear not all chatbots are “AI” per se despite the title. Simply because the more complex the query the less effective the chatbot is at answering it. There’s a multitude of popular chatbots available such as Bold360, Ada, LivePerson, Rulai to name a few.

What are your opinions of chatbots? Do you find them useful or rather nauseating? 


Search Engine Optimisation isn’t a new thing. But it’s more of a trend that constantly has to upgrade to be effective. And the commercial savvy have to utilise the changing trends within SEO to beat our their competitors. Some of the areas in SEO that look to be key are local optimisation (always popular but even more so now), User centric and Mobile centric optimisation. In the case of mobile (or cell phone for US fans) we conduct over 80% of our searches via our “loyal” devices. So the numbers make sense.

There’s likely even more trends we can discuss in the weeks to come. What do you guys think? Am I on to something or is it a case of “I have to see it to believe it”? In my next installment I’ll start reviewing potential Digital implications on the uniquely interesting world of US politics. As there’s sure to be lots of material and potential “outrage” we can cover. Exciting times ahead. Until then thanks for giving us a look and feel free to provide feedback