Greetings again to our loyal followers at Digital Fixation. I hope all is well, happy and healthy in your lives. We’ve had some recent good news here in Oz as the state’s borders are gradually opening up which will enable us to travel interstate. And apparently with the possibility of a couple locally made vaccines potentially being available in early 2021 we can begin travelling internationally! I’m way overdue for a trip home so I look forward to that.

In keeping with the recent theme of my articles I’d like to focus on another “2021 trend” topic. I want to review social media marketing and what we can expect to be vibrant and hot in this corner of the digital sphere in 2021. 

Going Live

How often do we see a celebrity, an influencer or business owner going live on social media? Literally daily if you use FB, Instagram or Twitter. The more you connect, the more you engage with your audience and make them feel heard or part of your community. It’s even something that can be globalised. Just a few months ago I was interviewed by Tatiana Meleni, a social media and blogging personality based in Kursk, Russia as we discussed my view on how Covid-19 was being handled in Australia. A great experience by the way!The overall objective is to get as good a connection as you can with your followers as it is a form of affirmation. And you can promote pre-announcement across a variety of platforms through organic and paid methods. 

Short Videos

The massive rise of Tik Tok and the recent entry of Instagram reels has made the short video content more popular and prominent than ever going into 2021. Easy to watch and create short videos are a trend that has been further enhanced by the covid crisis. The social distancing regulations in conjunction with working from home has led to an expanded number of the public setting up and consuming content from their smartphones. Instagram has also launched IGTV for slightly longer videos that are akin to what you would find on YouTube. 

Staying Alert in Observing Social Media Trends

According to some websites up to 2.8 billion people worldwide were using some form of social media. This is expected to progress to over 3 billion by the end of 2021. Social media in the forthcoming times is undeniably going to transform the area of digital marketing, although it will be incumbent on the marketers in how they best utilise it. Judging by their global popularity how your organisation utilises Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram will be crucial to your marketing efforts. 

The Impact of Socially Conscious Audiences

The “woke” generation is likely here to stay. Generation Z loves to engage in conversations surrounding social issues like mental health, equality, climate change, education and race relations. They’re  constantly on the look for brands that align with their social values and will also avoid those that don’t. 

Increased Use of Bloggers

Using bloggers to advertise became a trend awhile back and remains popular today. It builds up your audience, creates more content for SEO and has the potential to bring in more revenue. Sounds a bit like someone at Digital Fixation

Conversational Marketing

This is all about engaging customers and building relationships through personalised content. There is an increasing need for brands to establish interactive conversations with customers and connect with them on matters that are of prime importance. During times of crisis, the sale itself is not of the highest priority to the customers. In fact it’s about engagement and relationship building. The astute organisations will utilise live streaming video platforms, chatbots and social media channels to reach their customers and also demonstrate the “humanity” of their enterprise. 

Visual Design

Visual design is more than just about aesthetic. It’s an analytical strategy. Focusing on the font choice, typesetting, space and other aspects are carefully blended together to leave a lasting impression on your audience. It’s incumbent upon your business to stick out from the competition. In my current role as a Business Development Lead, I make sure to include colourful logos on any prospective business email I send out. You have one time to make them never forget you. Of course in a good way!


You have to know your niche! The only way to create brand awareness is through strategies that make your content visible to your target audience. Thanks to the volumes of data about different demographics and robust social media tools available you can research what’s important to your customers. And develop content that’s appealing and catchy.


This is just a snapshot of some of what are numerous social media marketing strategies. What do our readers of Digital Fixation think? Are you currently putting together your strategy for 2021? Was anything that you read of use? Please drop us a line and let us know what you think. Until next time!