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Digital Marketing Sunshine Coast

We offer customised digital marketing services by utilising the latest technology, creativity, and innovative ideas for both small to medium sized businesses. We help increase brand exposure, generate leads and build a strong reputation as an expert in your industry. 

Digital Marketing Sunshine Coast

Constant access to the internet has changed the way that people work, live and play – and business needs to respond by going digital. The COVID-19 pandemic has also changed the way both business and consumers function, including their buying and consumer behaviour. So how do businesses capitalise on these changes and turn online browsers into customers? The answer is through digital marketing services from a recognised digital marketing agency. Digital Marketing is an essential element for the success of businesses all around the globe. Innovative digital marketing utilises the internet, social media and other digital channels to promote your brand or business. 

Do you want to drive more targeted and relevant traffic to your business?

Digital Marketing Consultation

Every business owner wants a successful digital marketing campaign – because successful campaigns mean more sales for your business. The first step in developing a successful digital marketing campaign is to analyse which marketing technique fits your business and to develop this into a digital strategy. A digital marketing consultant is the key to turning an idea into sales. If you are searching for the best digital marketing consultant in Brisbane, then you are in the right place. Our experienced team have also been recognised as the best digital marketing consultants on the Sunshine Coast. Let our experts help your organisation build your online presence by providing strategic advice and practical strategies that deliver results.



Full End-to-End Digital Campaign Management

Digital campaign management is necessary for your business to interact with targeted audiences across the wide range of available social media platforms and the rest of the digital world. Our service aims at increasing brand awareness among your identified target audience. Our focus is on the three  channels that matter most; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Social Media Marketing (SMM). We guarantee your website will rank high on SERP with the best professional SEO services. Our extensive range of professional social media services includes both regular feedback and detailed analytics and copywriting Facebook ads. Reach your target customers and grow your business with PPC services from Lee Paton Digital.



Digital Marketing Audit

 A Digital Marketing Audit is an inspection of all the strategies and outcomes of what your business has been doing in the digital sphere. Our audits help to establish and improve your business’s online presence. To ensure your business website reaches the first page of search engines and your digital marketing campaigns are bringing in targeted leads, you must engage a digital marketing team to inspect your business website and digital profiles. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive audit at regular intervals to ensure your business remains relevant in the digital world.


Content Marketing Strategy

If you want your customers to recognise your brand, then it is highly essential to create relevant and comprehensive content for your website and social media. The expert content marketers in our team will create unique and captivating content for your website, which will help your business website to get a better position in search engine results and achieve higher ROI.


Implementation of Reporting Frameworks (Google Analytics)

Lee Paton Digital helps you to get a deeper understanding of your website visitors. We will offer you a detailed report on the user activity of those visiting your website. This granular information will include how the site visitors find your website and navigate through it. Using this framework, we will partner with you to reframe your website to get quality leads and greater value for your advertising dollar.



B2B & B2C Focus

Our team can provide both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Customer) services, and we are widely recognised as the best digital marketing strategist team in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

What do we do?

Our digital marketing service package includes a thorough digital marketing consultation, digital marketing audit, content marketing strategy, full end-to-end digital campaign management, implementation of reporting frameworks (Google Analytics), and B2B & B2C focus. Choose us as your digital marketing Sunshine Coast partner.


Benefits of Choosing Us

Affordable Services – To attract more traffic to your business website, and thereby to get quality leads, utilise our affordable service. One stop shop digital agency Sunshine Coast.

We focus on quality leads – We aim to help you discover the right digital opportunities available to your business and help you execute the best digital tactics that will bring you great results.

Best Return on Investment (ROI) – The ultimate objective of Lee Paton Digital is to deliver the best performance for all client engagements that guarantee a good return on investment. Our professionals will optimise your website for better conversions according to your business goals. 


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