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Are you looking for an email marketing services partner on the Sunshine Coast to help grow your business, talk to your customers, and get more leads? We can help you achieve your business goals with a creative and an effective email marketing strategy. 

Email Marketing Sunshine Coast & Brisbane

At Lee Paton Digital, we are all about developing your brand. Brand awareness relies on nurturing a robust and authentic relationship with your audience and converting them into loyal customers. Whilst other digital strategies drive people to your website, email marketing is unparalleled in its effectiveness at converting browsers into customers and developing brand loyalty. Email marketing is one of the best and cost-effective marketing strategies for both small-scale and large-scale businesses. Our email marketing service package includes content strategy, database acquisition, marketing automation, design and coding of emails, A/B testing, and deliverability optimisation.


Content Strategy

Every business requires a unique content strategy to reach their distinct goals. Our experts will provide exciting and engaging content for your businesses email marketing campaigns which will convert customers. Our Email Marketing services include sales campaigns, seasonal offers, user-targeted automations and regular newsletters. Our team is here to develop customised content to reach your marketing campaign goals.


Database Acquisition

A health and growing email list is essential for a healthy and growing business. At Lee Paton Digital, we are experts in growing real and effective email marketing databases for our customers. We pride ourselves on using best practice in email marketing to develop a stable, healthy list using simple but effective email acquisition practices. Once we have grown your email list, we keep them engaged with high quality, relevant email marketing content that converts to sales.

Marketing automation

Email marketing automation is a series of emails that anticipates your customers needs and wants and sending emails at the opportune time to engage with them. Our experts will plan and execute the best-suited marketing automations for your business. Email marketing automations can be complicated to set up and run, but with our team working for your business, you don’t have to worry about the technological complexities. We develop high quality, engaging email marketing automations that are custom-built for your business. High conversion and sales means a high ROI – and that is what our expert email marketing team delivers.


Design and Coding of Emails

Your businesses emails are as much a part of your brand as your signage and business card. With Lee Paton Digital managing your email marketing, you will have customised email templates that help to a unique brand identity. Our creative team will develop an astounding, hand-coded, responsive email template that matches the needs of your business. Do you already have an email design concept in your mind? We are here to listen and give life to your ideas, make it come alive through our email design and coding services.

A/B testing

A/B testing in an email marketing service is the process of comparing two similar marketing emails and identifying which is the most effective in encouraging opens or clicks. We do A/B testing for each of your email campaigns to help us understand the mindset of your audience, and develop email marketing content that is not just opened by your customers but turns into sales.



Deliverability optimisation in email marketing is the process of ensuring that marketing emails are delivered directly to the subscribers’ inboxes, not lost in spam or junk folders. Our experts will use an engaging, creative approach to email marketing as well as the best technology available to make sure that your email reaches as many of your subscribers inboxes as is possible.


Reason to Choose Us

We don’t just believe that Lee Paton Digital is the best digital marketing agency in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast of Australia – we know it! Our goal is to focus on the needs of small to large scale businesses and help them to improve their returns. We offer an amazing email marketing service at an affordable price that will help your business to acquire quality leads. We continually monitor the activities and engagement levels of email database subscribers and engage in email marketing practices that allow the companies that work with us to understand their audiences.

Our team is always available to listen to the ideas of the clients and make their needs come alive through our email marketing services. The ultimate objective of Lee Paton Digital is to deliver the best performance for all client engagements that will guarantee a good return on investment.


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