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We are a performance based Facebook ad agency. We create distinctive customised Facebook ad designs, such as banner ads, video ads and carousel ads, that will help attract the right customers to your business. Whether you are targeting new local customers in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, need to run Facebook retargeting ads, or you want national exposure, let us help you stand out from the crowd. 

Facebook Advertising Agency Sunshine Coast & Brisbane

Social Media is definitely here to stay, and all businesses need to have a social presence to stay relevant and keep their customers engaged. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, with more than 2.5 billion users. Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising in the crowded digital space. It helps businesses to build their online presence, improve their brand awareness, increase lead generation, and yield a high ROI. At Lee Paton Digital some of the features of our Facebook advertising service include; Facebook campaign management, Facebook and Instagram brand awareness creation, Facebook Ad copywriting, lead generation, landing page optimisation, testing and optimisation of Facebook Ads, and insightful reporting.

Facebook Campaign Management

Our professional Facebook Management Service will help you to grow your business and expand your customer base. Our Facebook Ad Strategies are carefully designed for the individual needs of the companies we work with, driving targeted leads to your business page. Our experts will provide you with custom Facebook Ads to engage and convert potential customers. We will also monitor and optimise your campaigns to guarantee that you are getting the best ROI on your Facebook Ad spend.


Insightful Reporting

Our team will set up a comprehensive tracking and reporting for all your Facebook advertising. We review the results of your Facebook campaigns every month and provide a consolidated report which will help you oversee the complete process and understand the results. We will then work with you and your business on potential changes to continually improve the campaign performance.


Testing and Optimization of Ads

At every step of the campaign, we test multiple advertising copy combinations. We monitor the Ads to identify the best-performing Ad and scale up your campaigns according to the results. We also optimise the Ad copy, and visual design of the Ad to enhance the conversion rate and drive more potential customers to your brand and your business.



Facebook Ad Copywriting

Our experienced content writers will provide you with creative and innovative content for your Facebook Ads. Our copywriting specialists carefully craft your ad copy to match the needs of your business and meet the requirements of the Ad strategy. What does this all mean for your business? Our team will provide Ad copy that will skyrocket your growth.


Lead Generation

Our experts will build a powerful lead generation strategy for your services and generate new leads for your business month on month with predictable volume. New leads, means more conversions and more significant growth for your business.


Landing Page Optimization

Our expert team of web designers design your businesses landing page based on a set of conversion optimisation parameters to improve the landing page experience and increase the lead/sales conversion. Our agency will create and develop landing pages and ensure that you yield a significant return on your investment.



Brand Awareness Creation

Our team will help you to improve your brand awareness among your target audience through our customised Ad campaigns. Our service will enhance your online followers, double your website traffic, and increase ROI through both organic and paid posts.


Why choose Lee Paton Digital?

We’ve been doing Facebook ads for years! We have a passionate Facebook advertising team that applies established winning formulas, customised to your business to yield a high ROI for you and your brand.

We deliver the best performing Facebook Ad service at an affordable cost. Our team is always ready to attend the ideas of our clients and make their vision come alive through our advertising service. We will analyse your business, as well as your competitors, and provide the best-suited advertising strategy to reach your target audience and yield high ROI.

Our team is here to help you implement the best Facebook advertising opportunities available for your business. With a focus on the best digital strategy possible for your industry and brand, we will assist you to execute and manage this strategy to bring you exceptional sales, expanded lead sources and increase your market reach. Do you need a Facebook ads agency?

We look after your Facebook Ads Sunshine Coast & Facebook Ads Management Brisbane.

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