GOOGLE ADS Management Sunshine Coast

Google Ads Sunshine Coast

Do you need to generate more leads and sales using Google Ads? Lee Paton will work with you and your team to develop a strategy that fits your business goals. We are highly skilled and experienced in both local search marketing and Google AdWords Management, with results-driven campaigns successfully developed for our clients.

Google Ads Management Sunshine Coast

Google Ads is the most popular platform for paid search advertising and display advertising in the world. Advertising with Google AdWords will allow you to target your customers in the most relevant and specific way to benefit your brand and your business. Google Ads can be classified into five different ad types; search network ads, display network ads, video ads, shopping ads, and app ads. Our experienced marketers will help you to choose the ad type based on your individual business needs.  

Google Ads is also the most effective way to get your website to rank at the top of search engines; meaning when customers search relevant keywords related to your business, they see your business, your website and your brand. Advertising with Google Ad Words allows you to have control over your budget, your target market and also helps you to track ROI effectively. At Lee Paton Digital, we can deliver a custom advertising campaign for your business that will help you to increase both conversions and revenue for your company through our Google Ad services. Our service package includes the essentials to growing your business with Google Ads; an effective keyword strategy, an in-depth competitor analysis, and thorough bidding and budget strategy.

Keyword strategy

A Keyword Strategy is essential to identify your target customer and to drive them to your business. Our marketing experts will analyse your business and undertake in-depth market research to understand what your potential customers want. Our team will then optimise your Google Ads with the best performing keywords; therefore, generating high quality leads for your business. Our expert team will continuously analyse the conversion rates and identify gaps to ensure that your ad spend is invested in relevant key phrases to yield a higher return on investment.


Competitor Analysis

Our Google Adwords specialists will do an extensive analysis of your competitor landscape with a focus on businesses that compete on search engines for your targeted keywords. We will provide you with an appropriate strategic and tactical solution to maximise your ROI and improve brand awareness.

Bidding and Budget Strategy

By using appropriate AdWords bidding strategies, we guarantee you that your business will drive potential customers to your website and yield high ROI through our campaigns; all within an affordable, agreed budget. We understand that budget management is a crucial part of ad campaigns; hence, we allocate your budget wisely and optimise it based on our continual learnings into the best performing campaigns, ads, and keywords.

Benefits of choosing us

Lee Paton Digital is recognised as the leading Google Ad agency in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, Australia. We offer a wide variety of ad services at an affordable price. Our end goal is to provide you and your business with the best possible performing campaign that yields a high ROI; all whilst carefully monitoring your ad spend and budget. We will thoroughly analyse your business, industry, competitors, and provide customised ad campaigns to drive maximum leads or sales. Our consultants will also suggest a suitable strategy to grow your profit month after month.

Our team of dedicated copywriters will craft unique, creative ads that will guarantee you that your ads will stand out amongst your competitors. Our persuasive ads are aimed to drive your target audience to your sales page, generate new leads, and increase your ROI. The Lee Paton Digital team is here to help you understand the best opportunities available and help you to execute the best digital tactics that bring you exceptional conversion rates. Contact Lee Paton Digital to set up your high performing Google ads management Sunshine Coast.

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