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Need help with your social media marketing and management? Don’t know many times to post eavery week but need to generate revenue or brand awareness from social media platforms? We will work with you to develop a customised social media marketing plan targeting the relevant social media platforms. We know how to best use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok and everything in between – we’ve worked with them all. 

Social Media Marketing and Management Services Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Social media is growing, with new platforms and users being added all the time. So, with more people than ever before using social media, how does your brand measure up on social? Social media marketing is when a business uses various social media platforms to connect with their audience to build their brand awareness, increase their sales, and drive traffic to their website. Our dedicated social media team will manage all of your social media advertisements, customer interactions, and content creation to amplify your brand message. Our service includes content strategy, content production and scheduling, social media monitoring, social media ad campaigns, and social media report generation.


Content Strategy

Content plays a crucial part in driving your social media audience’s interest. Every business requires unique content to reach their target audience and subsequently, their business goals. Creative and engaging content is essential to increase website traffic, build brand awareness, and yield high ROI. Our experienced content writers will provide you with customised content that follows search engine optimisation standards.



Content Production and Scheduling

Whilst posting great content, on your social media platforms is a great start, is not enough to completely engage your target audience. Our professional content scheduling service will post your content at peak engagement times for maximum audience engagement. Our social media service will provide unique content for your social media profiles and paid ads combined with organic post scheduling to maximise your audience.


Social Media Monitoring

Our experts will offer information relevant to your business through our extensive social media monitoring service. We will help you to engage with your consumers and spy on your competitors, which will ultimately help in building dedicated followers and brand awareness. Our team will help you track, understand, and influence the world around you and act accordingly.


Social Media Ad Campaigns

You can reach your potential customers instantly through our social media ad campaigns. Our experienced social media managers will provide a custom based ad campaign developed for your business needs. Our team will help you to drive more website traffic, increase sales, generate more followers, and yield high ROI through our ad campaign service.


Social Media Report Generation

We will monitor the metrics appropriate to your business and provide a consolidated report that is then used for decision making. The information generated through our social media marketing service will show what are your best and worst-performing content or ads so that you can modify your marketing strategy accordingly.


Research Your Competition

Content strategy and competitor analysis is an integral part of any social media marketing plan. So work smarter, not harder by researching your competition and staying ahead of the curve. We will help you to track your most relevant competitors social feed and alert you if there is any important news you need to respond to.


Why do you need to choose us?

Lee Paton Digital is the best social media marketing agency in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast of Australia. We aim to focus on the needs of small to large scale businesses and help them to improve their digital presence and grow their return.

We offer a hassle-free social media marketing services at an affordable price. Our service ranges from a simple social media marketing plan, to a full-fledged branding campaign; all depending on the particular needs and budget of your company.

At Lee Paton Digital, we continually monitor the activity and engagement levels of your followers, allowing your business to understand your audiences and help to make smarter decisions to reach your business goals.

We aim to deliver quality social media services that do not just make your business look good, but that maximise revenue and stretch your digital marketing budget further.

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